Loctite 406 msds

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The Loctite 406 super glue is a 20g, low viscosity for use with cyanoacrylate adhesive. MSDS -No. : 153530 V003.
Type: 406. Share Send to a friend *: *: * Print TDS 406. 4. . . . : 153530 V003. LORD 406/19 is formulated as an off-white to tan paste, with excellent temperature resistance. LORD 406 mixed with LORD Accelerator 19 creates a two-part adhesive that has the capabilities to bond to wide range of prepared and unprepared metals and plastics The main application of this product is to replace brazing, welding, riveting and other. 04. LORD 406/19 is formulated as an off-white to tan paste, with excellent temperature resistance.

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