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The probation period allows the employer and employee time to decide if the employment arrangement is working for both parties. However, you are required to provide written notice of termination if you are terminating an employee's. . 9 KB) One-month probationary period review guide Guide to help you conduct a probationary review with your new staff member one month into their probationary period.
. EMPLOYEE COMMENTS (Optional) The employee may comment on the performance review in the space provided below. . 4 Engaging with the necessary staff and trade union representative bodies as and when any such review is undertaken;. . . . Microsoft Word format. . Having a 90-day probationary period gives you a chance to test out new employees, whether it's your first hire or your 100th. . . . What has surprised you about the job in the first 30 days? Their answer will reveal how accurately you marketed the job and matched the skills necessary.

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